Video Remix Project

To construct my video, I used the clip of the Jamaican boy and synced up the music to his video whenever he spoke in the audio. I mixed in a lot of hip hop video clips and clips of people working hard for what they want. I wanted to show that the hard work and stress put on kids such as the Jamaican boy, was all to become successful and the hip hop videos are things they are looking up to.

As far as timing goes, my video clips were not sped up at all because I liked how they all flowed. I used a lot of fast clips to keep attention and keep it interesting. I also used a lot of overlaying of the video clips to create space and depth, and so that the video could flow more smoothly rather just having solids clips all in a row.

I used funky color corrects on the clips of the little boy and used some filters and color correction on the other clips as well, but mainly on the boy I used bright colors and changed the color each time he repeated himself alone with the repeating video.

The successful elements in the video were the overlays and lots of fast clips to keep it interesting. Although I could have improved on creating a better story line and making that more obvious, I think the video had a great flow and it went hand in hand with audio that I made as well. That being said, I do think I could have added more or different video so that story line was a bit clearer.




Audio Remix Project

The concept for my audio file started with the inspirational words of hard work coming from a young Jamaican boy, I really had no idea of what I was going to do but I really like the way his voice sounded and the words he was saying. I built on that idea with some Jamaican inspired music and soft hip hop, I found more videos of the little boy and came up with the idea of creating a social commentary that deals with the pressure on todays kids to grow up, make lots of money and be someone amazing, and the diminishing innocence in youth because of the people they look up to in the era.

I used a lot of backbeats such as drum sounds and piano sounds to create depth in the different beats. I had about 3 clips of various beats and I tried to use a software instrument in all of them.

Plug In’s and effects were probably my favorite things to play with. I sued different effect all throughout the song especially on the voiceovers. I also used them on my audio clips to distort, echo, and add dimension to my whole piece. I played with just about every one of the effects to see how my clips could be manipulated to get the coolest sound, and all together making the piece cohesive and fun.

I didn’t really follow a guide when it came to structure of my audio piece, I used inspirations voice overs throughout, and looped those same clips with filters in places they went well with the beat so I could keep a consistent theme.

I use the right and left controls to create space as well as effects and filters that played with sound levels and distortion.

I used base throughout the audio clips so that there was a consistent beat and I also used textures to give it a nice flow, mostly used on beats and not voice overs.

The successful elements of my work were transitions and cohesiveness. I think I did a good job of keeping a constant theme even though I have different beats that I mixed together with futuristic transitions, I think that by adding similar effects and transitions it helped the piece come together.

One thing I could have done better was maybe get a background beat that played under everything so that it could flow a little better. My audio all came together pretty well but it definitely could have been smoother overall.

** I could not get ahold of my original un-revised audio because it is on my old computer that crashed.